I just reuploaded (and github-ified) a couple of projects of mine that used to live in other places. These are:

Yay for git and OSS.

C++ Currying

I implemented currying in C++14. That’s about it. Bye.

Minimal Self-Hosted Web Api 2 Server in MonoDevelop F#

Time-appropriate greetings, reader!

First, fire up MonoDevelop and create a new F# Library solution.

(Note: you can probably do all this in Visual Studio with very few modifications, if any)

Let’s call our solution: HelloWorldApi

You can go ahead and delete Component1.fs and Script.fsx.

Make sure the project you just created targets the .NET 4.5 Framework.

Install Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Owin via NuGet Packages.

Create a new empty class called HomeController with the following code:

namespace HelloWorldApi

open System
open System.Web.Http

type HomeController() = 
    inherit ApiController()

    member this.Hello() =
        "Hello World!"

This creates a new route accessible via /hello that will output a JSON-encoded string containing “Hello World!”.

Create an empty class Startup with:

namespace HelloWorldApi

open Owin

open System
open System.Web.Http

type Startup() = 
    member this.Configuration(app : IAppBuilder) = 
        let apiConfig = new HttpConfiguration()
        app.UseWebApi(apiConfig) |> ignore

This tells the OWIN IAppBuilder we want to use Web Api 2 along with HTTP attribute routes.

Now, we need to create an executable to host our api.

Create a F# Console Application project within the solution called HelloWorldApi.Host and add a reference to our previous HelloWorldApi library project.

(Remember: .NET 4.5!)

Note: in case MonoDevelop complains about not being able to find HelloWorldApi.dll, compile the solution once and then simply close and re-open it.

This time we can keep the default Program.fs.

Install Microsoft.Owin.Hosting and Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener via NuGet Packages.

Modify Program.fs:

open System

open Owin
open Microsoft.Owin.Hosting

open HelloWorldApi

let main argv = 
    let url = ""
    use server = WebApp.Start<Startup>(url)
    printfn "Running on %s" url
    printfn "Press enter to exit"
    Console.ReadLine() |> ignore

That’s it! Compile and run the solution and then point your browser (or Postman) to You should see:

"Hello World!"

(This is a JSON string. That’s why it’s surrounded by quotes.)

That’s all folks! See you next time.

Final note: you can find the code on GitHub.

Hello World

This is a minimal F# program.

module Program =
  let main argv =
    printfn "%A" argv

Try it in Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.