Programming with Units

I describe a code meta-pattern that I have developed and applied in the last year.

My Programming Principles in 2020

This is rough brain dump of several principles/ideas that I applied in 2020 while working at Uber.

Python: Algebraic Effects via async/await

I implement some kind of restricted effects system in Python via async/await.

Declarative and composable input validation with rich errors in Java

I tackled the problem of data validation in Java with declarative & functional programming inspired by Haskell.

New Python library: gean

I wrote a tiny DI/IOC library for Python 3.6+ that leverages Type Hints

Java Pattern: Algebraic Data Types

Exploring the implementation of Algebraic Data Types in Java

Adding two integers in CPython

Analyzing the cost of adding to integers in CPython

Rotate a Square Matrix

A roundabout implementation of square matrix rotation

RE: The long arrow operator in C++

Overloading C++ syntax via constexpr

Pascal's triangle in Haskell

Binary search on the integer number line

Exploring the usefulness of C++'s std::partition_point

Tree traversal order

Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree

Cardioid animation

Fixing LCD screen burn-in with WebGL